time: 2019-06-05
[PROFESSIONAL DETAILS] The Neckties are made of high-grade texture, makes this kind of decent fabric a real silk softness hang down look. Flatting down along shirt without bending fulling lightening the suit/shirt at chest. With developed machines, stitching by skilled-stuffs, nicely work out elegant stitching lines over the ties.
[NICE COLORS] Except soft and smooth touching feel, and nice glossy look. There are various exquisite colors and elegant patterns for choices. Solid colors black, red, burgundy, lilac, blue, navy, gold, yellow and dotted, stripe, plaid patterns. Two sizes for selection, one standard is 147*8.3*3.8cm. Another extra length is 157*8.3*3.8cm for special requires.
[PACKAGING FOR GIFT] The necktie is must-have accessory for any successful men for daily office, meeting, wedding. Also formal dressy for students for ceremony, prom. The ties come with individual exquisite gift box, which not only protect ties during shipping perfecting, but also could be as a decent gift for husband, boy friends, and Valentine's day, Father's Day gift.